Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 18, 2017 Thursday

Classwork: We went to neighborhood 3 and described the vocab words in a coherent story form for how life goes from the rural country side to the city.

Homework:  Describe this neighborhood compared to other neighborhoods we've seen

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 17, 2017 Wednesday

Classwork: We went to our 2nd neighborhood today.  We discussed the higher standard of living this neighborhood had and gave evidence for it.

Homework: Continue to discuss what you are learning using the vocab terms:
1. urbanization
2. spatial inequality
3. rural decline
4. standard of lving

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 16, Tuesday

Classwork:  We went on our first "Virtual" neighborhood in Mexico City.  Kids used data and determined which area of Mexico City they were in based off the data.

Vocab words used:

  1. rural decline
  2. standard of living
  3. urbanization
  4. spatial inequality
Homework: Describe to your parents what you saw on that visit.  What is your overall Standard of Living?

Monday, May 15, 2017

May 16, Tuesday

Classwork: We discussed the reading on 9.2 in Geo Alive and went to our first neighborhood visit of Mexico City.

Homework: Make sure the Economic Prompt and Hacienda vs. Mission prompt is done.

Vocab for this chapter is:

  1. Spatial Inequality
  2. Rural Decline
  3. Standard of Living
  4. Urbanization

May 15th, Monday

Classwork:  We started Ch. 9 of Geo Alive, Spatial Inequality of Mexico City.  Students learned the definition of Spatial Inequality.

Homework: Make sure you have finished your ECONOMIC Prompt that was due Friday.  Also make sure you have finished the Hacienda vs. Mission prompt from April.  Some were not done!  Grades were returned along with comments.  If you don't like your grade, you need to see me immediately to discuss what you can do about it.  Finally, discuss with your parents what "spatial inequality" is.

Friday, May 5, 2017

May 5th, 2017

IF you are a parent reading this, then you should ask your child the significance of this day and how it relates to life.  CINCO DE MAYO!!

Classwork: We covered the real life history of Cinco de Mayo and how it related to our Social Studies Unit.  We also had a lengthy discussion of how it can teach us lessons of overcoming impossible odds and how one thing can have a huge effect on another seemingly unrelated thing.

We also started the Chapter 16 Unit on Central America.  So far, it has very similar beginnings as the Mexico Saga.

Homework: Please discuss the importance of Cinco de Mayo.  Discuss any connections to life you may have gained from either this story or the Star Wars story from yesterday.

VOCAB: Monroe Doctrine

James Monroe

Thursday, May 4, 2017

MAY 4TH, 2017


Happy Star Wars Day everyone!  May your day be bright with happiness and self generated power!

Classwork: We have finished the Saga of how Mexico finally achieved independence, democracy, and peace with the Constitution of 1917.  Kids should have been working on their charts throughout the Unit.  Now we start Chapter 16: The History of Central America

Homework:  Discuss with your parents elements of the Mexico Independence Saga with connections with Star Wars.  Are there any similarities you can make?